What are the hours for check-in and check-out?
For tent or caravan/camper pitches, the check-in is between 7:00am and 11:00 pm and the check-out between 7:00am to 12:00 noon.Admission after 23:00 is allowed for caravans and motorhomes provided with caravan-stop.
For accommodation, the check-in is between 4:00pm to 11:00pm and the check-out between 7:00am and 10:00am.
Where is the camping located? Is it suitable for families
or young people?
Camping Italia is located on the seafront in Viserba di Rimini, at a distance of 2.5 km from the historical centre and the railway station.
It is in a residential area with pedestrian areas, restaurants, shops and clubs in the immediate vicinity.
The camp is divided into an area dedicated to families and one for young people, so it is perfect for holidays for both.
Is the camping well connected to the rest of the town?
The camp is very well connected through bus line 4 that reaches the railway station in 10 minutes. From there you can take any other line for the various destinations in the city.
In July and August there are shuttles that connect the camping with various discos of the Riviera.
What hours is the reception open?
Are there quiet hours to be observed?
The reception is open 24 hours, between 11pm and 7 am there are night guards that do not perform check-in and check-out.
During the day there are no quiet hours, even if after lunch we recommend special respect for the tranquillity of neighbours.
During the night, the quiet hours to be observed are from midnight until seven in the morning.
Are dogs allowed in the camping? And at the beach ?
Dogs are allowed in campsite and in housing (Mobilehomes only).
At the time of booking you are required to notify their presence: for the dog breeds deemed dangerous, access is allowed only upon Management authorisation.
In campsite and at the beach it is compulsory to keep dogs on leash.
CAMPING ITALIA PRIVATE BEACH: Dogs are welcome also in our equipped and dog-friendly beach.
Can unaccompanied minors be accommodated?
Minors can only be accommodated by presenting upon check-in:
1- Valid personal identity document (identity card or passport)
2- Photocopy of the identity document of a parent
3- Authorisation form filled in and signed by a parent (click here to download it).
What are the payment methods?
You can pay in cash, by debit or major credit cards.
Are there safety boxes in the camping?
At the camping reception, you can use the extra charge safe deposit boxes for small valuables (wallets, mobile phones, cameras etc.).
Certain boxes also have an electric socket to recharge phones or batteries, for a daily cost of €3.
Is it possible to rent a bicycle or other means of transport?
You cannot rent bicycles inside the camping; however, at 1.5 km away, there is a rental place for bicycles, tandem bicycles, scooters and various other motorized means of transport.
How are the pitches designed? Are they well shaded?
The pitches for campers/caravans are in the grass and have a size ranging from 8-11 metres in length and 5-6 metres in width.
The pitches for tents have different sizes, depending on their location.
The shading is dense around the camping, with poplar trees, however it can be scarcer during clipping.
What is the output of the electric sockets?
The electric outlets are usually of 1 kW and 4 Amp, but there are also some pitches with 6 Amp for the same price.
Is there Wi-Fi in the camping?
There is Wi-Fi only in certain areas of the camping.
In order to use it, you must get the codes (user and password) at the camping reception.
Are showers free of charge? Are chips required?
Hot and cold showers are free all around the camping and chips are not required.
Does the restaurant/bar inside the camping offer discounts?
The restaurant of the campsite offers special discounts for those who book half board/full board accommodation.
Take-away service offered.
Special discounts for larger groups can be agreed with Mr. Pino, the restaurant manager.
How are the accommodation facilities equipped?
In bungalows and mobile homes with kitchen there is a set for basic cooking (composed of pot for the pasta, sauce pot, colander and salad bowl) and tableware (plates, cutlery, glasses and cups).
We also supply broom, dustpan, scrubbing brush and mop.
Coffeemaker and pan are not included.
Linen (sheets, pillowcases and towels) can be rented.
How can I use the camping beach? What are the costs?
The camping beach is divided into two areas, the first having only beach umbrellas for free and common use (no sun loungers) where you can lie down with your own beach towel; the second area has beach umbrellas with sun loungers for private use with discounts for our guests.
The weekly cost of the private beach umbrella with two sun loungers is of €54 but you can rent them for a greater or lesser number of days.
Is the beach suitable for children?
With the typical fine sand of the Romagna coast, this beach is ideal for the little ones. There is a playground and playing fields for bigger children (beach volleyball, soccer and tennis).
Which is the cancellation policy ?
The reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit of 30% of the total amount of the stay.
The requests for cancellation of confirmed reservations must be submitted only in writing.
Camping Italia cancellation policy are as follows:
1. up to 30 days from the date of arrival: no penalty and refund of the deposit.
2. from 29 days to the date of arrival: 100% penality and the total amount of the deposit will be withhold by Camping Italia
3. No show: 100% penalty and the total amount of the deposit will be withhold by Camping Italia
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